The first Blackjack Zero in the USA belongs to Kurt Vogt

Donald Hanson's Blackjack VW 003 still under construction in Helston, ready soon 

VW transaxle with Guzzi vee-twin

Blackjack VW to Guzzi adaptor

Essential Blackjack sump baffle

Detail of the Guzzi engine in-situ

1100cc square-barrel Guzzi engined prototype Zero 009.

Zero 001 Guzzi conversion

Martin Woods' ivory Zero from Falmouth with custom facsia.

Proud Builder Mike von Collas with Blackjack VW 007 in New Zealand, almost finished (click for more pictures)

009 by the sea in Cornwall

Peter and Sandy Hewlett's Blackjack 001 now with Guzzi power

001 with VW power

Jolly folks

Zero 009 with Pat Darragh's Guzzi 950cc Avion

Citroen and VW powered Blackjacks