Richard Oakes designer and maker retired in June 2013. Since that time Blackjack zero kits have been unavailable. If you wish to make contact phone 01736 761918 or e-mail

Blackjack Zero Guzzi Starter Kit.

  • Body tub and all fibreglass parts (25 mouldings). Suspension parts and all other fabricated steel parts including pedal assembly (21 parts). Mudguard brackets, dampers, springs, driveshafts, uprights, drive flanges, steering rack, facia panel, ball joints, bushes, clamps, spacers, and mostly stainless fixings for the above.


Brake kit.

  • Calipers, discs, pads, pipes, flexi-hoses, master cylinder, complete handbrake assembly, bearings, bushes, cable, stainless brackets, all hardware and mostly stainless fixings.


Exhaust and steering.

  • Complete exhaust system in stainless and aluminium, steering column with double jointed 'UJ' shaft, splines, bearings, shield, hangers, clamps and all fixings.


SU Fuel system.


Weber Fuel system.



  • All instruments (ETB), sender units, all switches, head and side lamps, mounting frames, all tail-lights, front indicators, battery leads, looms, wire, connectors and fuses, senders, brackets and mostly stainless fixings.


Interior trim.

  • Carpets, seat pads, capping covers, seat brackets and mostly stainless fixings.


Blackjack Guzzi - VW adaptor plate.

  • Special flywheel, flywheel hub with spigot bearing, adaptor plate with all fixings.


Crankcase breather / condensor.

  • Aluminium condensor pot with drain plug, hoses, clips, springs and stainless fixings.


Gear linkage assembly.

Sump baffle.

Front cover spacer.

Seatbelt mounting frame (with stainless fixings).

Flyscreen moulding with fixings.

Dzus fastener panel fixing set.

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Rear view
Rear wheel